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Healing, Saktika Mandala.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Healing. It is one word that is often mentioned in today's society.

It is also the perfect word to describe this beautiful getaway located deep in the rural area of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

saktika mandala

As you approach the Saktika Mandala Villa, you will be enchanted by the lush, green jungle that surrounds this amazing villa. Aesthetically, this villa was built around the concept of a cozy, serene yoga retreat far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, which makes a perfect fit for you to rediscover yourself. You can see that there is a beautiful tall tree that penetrates the terrace floor. This gorgeous villa was intentionally built around this tree on purpose - with the intention of preserving it rather than cutting it down.

On the terrace, there is a spot where you can sit and relax under the shade of the tall tree, where you are able to enjoy the tranquil tropical scenery. There is a small infinity pool set beside the tree. This infinity pool gives the impression like it is melting into the nature around it. A gazebo on top of the swimming pool can also be seen. This makes it a wonderful place to relax and savor the breathtaking view after a nice swim.

saktika mandala

This villa is equipped with a number of windows, as well as a sliding glass door. It allows a great deal of natural light to fill the room, giving the impression of a bright and peaceful atmosphere. Inside the villa, there is a king-sized bed strategically placed facing the pool. The sliding glass door allows you to see the pool directly from the bed. The sleeping area was designed in a way so you can lay down inside comfortably but still be able to enjoy the view outside - a perfect way to recharge your mind, body, and soul.

This lovely zen getaway was designed by Evan Mandala of 2G Studio. With the help of 3D renderings, this villa was brought to life in the virtual world. These lifelike, photorealistic renders visualize design projects which help designers to effectively convey their design intentions.

There is no doubt that clients would prefer to see a visual representation of the design prior to construction. 2G Studio provides a variety of professional solutions for architects, interior designers, property developers, and architectural visualization companies. Visit our site here to download our company profile or book a free consultation.

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