How it all began

2G Studio is a full-serviced production 3D Architecture, visualisation & creative marketing company utilising in cutting-edge technology to help those with vision, see their dreams in virtual reality and real time. We love to engage with the most challenging & enticing projects to deliver their meaningful representation of their dreams.

A synergetic friendship turned to a business.

That is how 2G began. It started with two experts in civil engineering and architectural design with the heart to bring Indonesia forward.

12+ Years

We’ve been in the Industry for over 8+ years working with architectural agencies across the globe. Agencies from Spain, United States, Japan, Australia and beyond has been pleased with the outcomes we have implemented.

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We dare to engage with the most challenging and most diverse set of projects out there. Where crafting a reality for the unseen is shone upon light with. From all around the globe, we delivered artworks worth spreading.

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To be the leader and most recognized 3D Visualisation company in Indonesia.

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Enabling business owners and creatives visualize their dreams by utilizing cutting-edge designs and lean approach.

The Founders


Reinaldo Handaya

CVO & Co - Founder

Reinaldo is a man who takes challenges with a flare. He brings out the fire in your dreams, and sees the project in the wildest lenses possible. With a background in Civil Engineer, and intensive experience of working with international architectural agencies, he engages in the impossible.


Evan Mandala

CEO & Co - Founder

Evan loves the thrill of the outdoors/nature and seeing the world with his own eyes. With the background in architectural design in Yogyakarta, the home to sophisticated cultural temples. He directs your sophisticated dreams to reality.