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Tips 8: How to Arrange Portfolios for Beginners

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Portfolios are like your digital business card. Everyone who will use the services that you offer will always ask for your portfolio in advance to make sure you are the right person.

2g studio image render
How to Arrange Portfolio for Beginners

Everyone must have the desire to get additional income as soon as possible, but do not let it because it's so desperate, you immediately arrange a random portfolio. The portfolio must look beautiful to be seen. Surely it must be your work. And the thing that is no less important is how you present your portfolio, how you present your portfolio is very important.

2g studio image render

Image Credit: 2G Studio

If you are an expert in modeling and want to offer your modeling services first, try to create modeling furniture or accessories that you think are interesting. After modeling with details, give a good texture and lighting so it is pleasing to the eye, not just the raw model that you are showing, because raw models alone will not look attractive. Suppose you want to show the armchair that you model, just make a small interior scene, put the Arm Chair in the corner of the room, and render as well as possible.

2g studio image render couch

If you are not yet proficient in interiors, just use a white or black background, the important thing is that your 3D model looks good and has no problems.

2g studio render image

Image Credit: 2G Studio

If you like interior rendering, look for interior photo references (original photos) on the internet that have beautiful designs, then make interior rendering as similar as possible to reference photos.

2g image render

Image Credit: 2G Studio

Likewise, if you like exterior rendering, look for good architectural photos, not too simple, as much as possible, don't render type 45 houses, because they never look attractive. The 1-storey building does not matter as long as the design is impressive. Look for buildings that are rather high, around 2-5 floors. Make an exterior rendering that looks like the reference photo. Don't just make 1-2 rendering as a portfolio. At least you create 5. Take, for example, you like interior rendering for rendering five different interior spaces. Main Room, Bathroom, Family Room, Kitchen area, etc. Do not just one room then rendered with five different cameras. This is not interesting. But if one room you can render at least three cameras, by making 5 of these rooms, you have 15 images. This is enough to convince people to entrust the work to you. Make a particular folder of your rendering results in the Smartphone photo gallery so you can immediately show it face to face. In one folder to make it look organized, don't show the results of your rendering to others, and you are still confused about where to find the rendering results. Looking disorganized makes people afraid to entrust their work to you. For online portfolios, you can upload your work on several websites below so that at the beginning, you don't need to create your own website.

By uploading your work on the websites above, you only need to provide the link to your prospective buyers so they can see immediately right away. The website has automatically arranged your portfolio neatly.

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