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Tips 9: 3 Tips For 3D Artist to Always Be Inspired

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

As 3D artists, we definitely need lots of reference and inspiration and make every project different and unique in its own way through different lighting, scenes, story, and etc. All this to make sure you could shine and stand out from the crowd.

Use this tips to make client return to you
Clients will always return to you if you use this tips

Standing out and always giving your all in every project would make the client come back to you because people recognize your effort! Here are those tips are:

Tips #1: Social Media

Social media is such a big platform that you can use to find inspiration and ideas.

Following big studios and 3D influencers would inspire you as they tend to post their work there, BUT never copy their work. By doing it you will be able to get lots of inspiration every time you open your social media.

Use social media to find inspiration and ideas
Use Social media

Tips #2: Mood Boards

Mood Board can be made on Pinterest, Instagram, and many other platforms. Just simply make a folder where you can save posts that you see as a potential idea or inspiration.

You can also use software to create your own mood board and you just need to drag and drop from the internet into software and then you will get your own mood board.

Importance of moodboard
Make a moodboard

Tips #3: CG

CG is a website where talent meets customers. CG Architect is a website where people could post their work, compete in awards, and post articles and tips about 3D rendering. CG Architect also has the feature mood board which is accessible for free accounts, but in order to make your own mood board pro account is needed. Yes, the pro adds lots of other features and is really worth it.

Post your work in CG Architects
CG Architects

Those are the few tips I can share with you and I wish you all fellow artists good luck!

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