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Tips 6: What Software Can Be Used For Post Production?

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Post-production software are useful to help you improve rendering quality, help during revisions, or even change your rendering style.

Kind of software that can be used for post production
What software that can be used for post production?

This LightRoom can change the rendering results to be totally different if we are adept at using it. The point is that many can explain some areas of our image or even all of it, can be used to change the color as well. It's just difficult if you have to make revisions, this software will be difficult if we have to make revisions or even attach additional images. The price is relatively very cheap when compared to Adobe Photoshop. An example can be seen from the video below.

Adobe Photoshop logo
Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, or what we call 'sotosop', is a very extraordinary software, it can be said that this is the advanced level of lightroom. We can freely revise if there is a render pass, can attach additional images such as 2D people or 2D trees. Prices are relatively cheap and use a monthly subscription system. The video below is an example of using Photoshop.

This can change anything because many tools are intentionally made for it, and Photoshop uses a layering system. Different from the lightroom that works directly on the picture. The difference between lightroom and photoshop can be seen in the video below.

Source: Justin Odisho

Adobe After Effects is used to edit videos, add lighting effects, provide replacement effects, combine music and sound effects and many other things that can be done. We can even make animations in this After Effect. For basic usage, it is similar to Photoshop. Prices are relatively affordable and use a monthly subscription system. An example of using Adobe After Effect can be seen in the video below.


One of Adobe After Effect application is an animated video from 2G Studio

Source: 2G Studio

Affinity is very similar to Photoshop, it can be said to be a rival of Photoshop right now, the fit is slightly inferior to Photoshop, but in terms of price, Affinity can be said to be much cheaper than Photoshop. Use of Affinity can be seen in the video below.

Maybe you've heard as much as possible the results of the rendering are final when finished rendering. That is fine, there is nothing wrong, it all depends on the wishes of each artist, and in my personal opinion, there will always be room to improve quality. In 2G Studio itself, we can continuously improve the quality of rendering in this post-production stage and use Photoshop to make revisions, add 2D people, other lighting effects and many others. What I can suggest if you only focus on images and not animation, affinity is the right choice, in addition to the low price, its ability is not inferior to photoshop. If you make a lot of animation, I suggest using After Effect for editing it. After later, you develop even more significant, then use Adobe Photoshop because files from Photoshop can be directly entered into the After Effect so that the work is easier than if we use Affinity and After Effect.

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