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Tips 5 : Software Plugins Mostly Used in 3DSMAX

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Plugin software is software that needs to be installed separately because it was developed by a third party, to simplify and speed up our work, and most plugins that are very powerful are currently being developed for the 3DSMAX platform.

3DS Max Plugin
Software Plugins Mostly Used In 3Ds Max

This plugin is made by Indonesians, the main function is to spread objects quickly even though the method is a bit manual, but the results are amazing, and this plugin is free. Many famous overseas 3D artists use this plugin.

This plugin is great for creating 3d floor models, as long as they are rectangular. Very time-saving and very easy to use compared to when we have to make the tile manually. The size of each floor element can also be adjusted in short lengths and can be randomized so that they do not appear to be repeated. The results will also be very good when used with multi texture from CG Source.

CG Source image
CG Source

Source: CG Source

From the picture above you can see the parquet floor is very natural.

This plugin is useful for spreading objects quickly and instantly and can be controlled easily. Very useful for spreading plants, especially trees, if we have to make an area with forests. The price of this forest pack is not too expensive, it is still very friendly when we compare it with the time we save by using this plugin. This plugin has a free version with a few restrictions on use, and some features cannot be used when using the free version. But for starters, this will be very helpful.

2G Studio render image
2G Studio

Source: 2G Studio

The grass, bush, tree in the image above, spread using the forest pack pro plugin. Can't imagine if this has to be arranged manually one by one.

Useful to speed up the repetitive modelling process. (some examples of repetitive objects are such as road railings, balcony railings, street lamps, wooden floors, tile floors, etc.) Railclone prices are not too expensive either very affordable when compared to the time we save by using this plugin. This plugin has a free version with a few restrictions on use, and some features cannot be used when using the free version. But for starters, this will be very helpful. Railclone can also be combined with Forest Pack Pro and is a very powerful combination to speed up the work process.

2G Studio image
2G Studio

Source: 2G Studio

In the picture above, tables, walls, windows, floors, pipes, cables, all made using Railclone because all have repetition. Arranging chairs and computers using Forest Pack Pro.

Useful for creating repetitive materials that have patterns, such as bricks, hardwood floors, granite floors, and even random patterns. This plugin is very powerful to create very realistic tile effects, especially in the grout (grout) between floor elements. The price for Wall & Tiles can be said to be affordable, with its very powerful features.

Vizpark material editor
Vizpark Material Editor
Bitmap comparison

From the picture above can be seen, that is on the left, the brick texture is created manually, always visible repetition. So it's like a textured brick floor. While on the right, the texture can be adjusted randomly, so it's like an original brick wall.

2G studio image render
2G Studio

Source: 2G Studio

All tiles in the picture above are using VIZPARK Wall & Tiles.

Useful for making trees and plants. This software is amazingly great because it makes it easier for us to model trees and plants compared to making models manually. In fact, for plants and trees, the 3d models that are out there are very limited. There will be requests from our clients for specific trees and not available there. It's impossible to tell our clients that we don't have the model, this is hugely affecting the level of trust our clients, and even make our clients will never return to give us a job. In 2G Studio, we use Grow FX to make specific trees and plants requested by clients, especially when it comes to plants and trees in Indonesia. The price of this software is very affordable when compared to your clients running because you can not fulfil their desires, so they run away and do not give jobs anymore.

The video above is a tutorial for making trees using grow fx from 2G Academy.

2G Studio render image
2G Studio

Source: 2G Studio

Almost all trees and plants in the picture are made using Exlevel GrowFX.

There are many other important plugins that we can use in 3DSMAX. But from the above review, it can be seen, and this is the main reason that 3D Artists use 3DSMAX because many plugins that help the work process require more efficiency

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