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TIPS 32: Why Nothing Will Work If You Don't...

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This time I want to talk about connections, brand, and trust.

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Why nothing will work if you don't...

I want to share what happened to me in this industry when I went bankrupt. Bankruptcy certainly doesn’t feel good, I didn’t just go bankrupt but I was also in debt. Just imagine going bankrupt and being in debt, salt to the wound right?

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As I went bankrupt I also realized that the furniture industry has no hope anymore, prices dropping, resources out of reach, and machines unobtainable. Machines from china have no precision, it will only cause more problems. Managing and organizing workers are tiring. In the end, I was lost, didn’t know what job I’m going to work. Till finally, the 3D industry came into the spotlight, the money was promising. At the time I only thought that if I can generate 10 million rupiahs in a month as a freelance artist I’ll be happy enough. As time flew I dug deeper and saw a big potential in this industry, although the niche and market are very specific, 3D is everywhere, all over the world. London being the place 3D is valued most expensive.

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The power of believe

After understanding the industry, I had a belief that 3D could help and bring me out of my financial situation, able to help my parents. Being single also made me believe that being successful in this industry can also make me able to support my own family. Thankfully now it’s proven that all my wealth comes mostly from the 3D industry.

Therefore we must understand that the power of belief is enormous. It will always make us improve and strive to be better.

There are so many cases that happen in the 3D world, where the client pushes the price, negotiating from $500 to $100 until I end up losing the client. It was the most painful lesson that has ever happened to me. I still believed this industry could save my life, so I went ahead. I kept learning and I built connections. To the point where I texted with my fellow 3D Artists that whenever anyone tried to contact me to get us a job, whether it was a deal or not I would definitely keep in touch with them. Why? So that I know what their insight is. The most important thing is that we build connections. Because it’s possible that even if they don’t give you a job if they like you they will recommend you to their friends.

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Reference. So look at your business, keep getting new clients who come and go? Better start changing your ways cause something is definitely wrong. If clients found you through referrals and recommendations then you’re doing great, it means your brand, you as a person is trustable. Trustable enough to be recommended and shared.

So what do you think about connections, brand, and trust?

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