TIPS 31: Things to Know When Working with Architect - Part 1

This time I wanted to share with you my journey with SketchUp.

This is based on my experience working with DP Architect, Ong&Ong, Nikken Sekkei, and Shepley Bulfinch. After 12 years of experience working with various Architects, these are 4 things that can help an Architect or Interior Designer present for their clients.

As 3D Artists in the 3D Architectural Visualisation industry, both as freelancers and enterprises, there are several types of clients we’re gonna meet. First are the developers, residential development offices, apartments, or even malls. Then there are the designers whether it’s an interior designer or an architect, individual or company.

These are the 4 things I always highlight to our 2G Studio’s team when working with individuals or Architectural companies.

Before getting into those 4 points, the first thing we need to understand is the work of an Architect or an Interior designer itself. For me, as an Architect or Interior Designer, their job is to “Design a life”. For example, there's a house, it’s 1000 square meters. An architect’s job is to design the owner’s life, how? They are the ones who have to design the house to fit the family and to create a comfortable and liveable environment for the owner's family's well-being. Parent’s room being the biggest and comfortable so dad could come back home from tiring work and rest, children separate rooms for privacy, family room big and fun so a fami