TIPS 30: Face Your Fear, How Do I Overcome It?

This time I want to discuss Fear.

There are 2 factors of fear, internal and external factors. Between these 2 factors, I think the most dangerous one is the internal factor. But before that, what is fear that’s caused by internal factors?

Internal or external, they are actually quite similar. Internal factors of fear are when given an assignment you fear that you won’t finish it or do a bad job. It's a mindset that fears you and imagines the worst at the start. Whereas the external factors are situations in the real world like “What if there’s no motorcycle?”, it’s also imagining the worst but the worst situation not the worst you. So why is the internal factor of fear the most dangerous factor? Because it's a mindset, if your mindset is wrong then it won't get you anywhere. Thoughts such as “I don’t think I can be a 3D Artist,” or “I’m not good enough.” don’t get you anywhere. Senior and Pro Artists didn’t master 3D in a second nor in a year. It’s just impossible, those types of fear get us stuck, unable to learn, and move forward. So, how do I get over it?

The key to success is not beating others, it's beating yourself first.