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TIPS 30: Face Your Fear, How Do I Overcome It?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This time I want to discuss Fear.

Man stressed out
Face your fear, how do I overcome it?

There are 2 factors of fear, internal and external factors. Between these 2 factors, I think the most dangerous one is the internal factor. But before that, what is fear that’s caused by internal factors?

Scrabble spelling do not fear
Do not fear

Internal or external, they are actually quite similar. Internal factors of fear are when given an assignment you fear that you won’t finish it or do a bad job. It's a mindset that fears you and imagines the worst at the start. Whereas the external factors are situations in the real world like “What if there’s no motorcycle?”, it’s also imagining the worst but the worst situation not the worst you. So why is the internal factor of fear the most dangerous factor? Because it's a mindset, if your mindset is wrong then it won't get you anywhere. Thoughts such as “I don’t think I can be a 3D Artist,” or “I’m not good enough.” don’t get you anywhere. Senior and Pro Artists didn’t master 3D in a second nor in a year. It’s just impossible, those types of fear get us stuck, unable to learn, and move forward. So, how do I get over it?

The key to success is not beating others, it's beating yourself first.

Get through those fears and doubts. Just like external factors you find a way out, no motorcycle? Public transport, no public transport? Order an Uber, Grab, or Gojek. If that's unavailable too, you walk. Understand that in life you have to keep moving. You’re a new 3D Artist and want to learn but don’t know where to begin? Well, you’re sitting in front of a computer or phone you might as well search it up on youtube. It’s not 1982, we live in a digital era. What excuse could you possibly have? There are so many 3D tutorials on the internet, step by step from ground zero to being able to render. As for 2GAcademy if there’s a request, we’ll make it when we have time.

Don’t be hopeless. If you really want to make it big, be a famous 3D Artist, get through your fears, and move forward. By moving and moving you won’t care about your fears anymore, cause it's a process, a process you will enjoy. “How do I move without having any acquaintances?” Everybody starts solo, but along the way you meet people, interact, till eventually, you’ll have acquaintances. There you start building a network, then with the network, you can start doing business.

group of people reaching their hand
Don't be hopeless

Therefore fear not life is a journey, a journey you must finish not stop along the way. Stopping is like living without a goal, you’ll just be scared of living, you’ll stay there forever.

What is there left to fear?

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