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TIPS 28: The Ultimate Advice for 3D Artists Who is Just Getting Started

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I will give you the ultimate advice to start up as a 3D Artist.

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How to not lose clients by raising price

When I was in my dark time I got invited by CG Architect to attend The Shadow Society Meeting where all market leaders attend, I learned a lot and I got this one piece of advice.

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CG Architects

“It’s ok to say no.” This comes as a surprise for me when I just started because we don’t have that much money so I asked, “why is it ok to say that?” He said that his client was comparing his price to another company’s price and he declined the offer. Saying that it’s better to give them the job instead. However, the client came back to him.

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Always remember your value

This was the moment when I realized what he meant. By saying no it stops us from overthinking about how I could’ve lost my client by raising the price, or you charge more for revision. This wrong mindset shows the client that you are vulnerable and this could lead you to be exploited.

What you want is Business, not a job. Anything can be a job like doing chores and etc. While business is more of a regulation where you have your own timeline for each project and if the deadline comes the client has to come to you. What you want is to have a good step-by-step proven framework and workflow.

Always remember your value! Good luck.

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