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TIPS 26: 5 Minutes for The Next 10 Years of your Career in Arch Viz

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Here is what the 10 years of your career in ArchViz are going to look like.

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3 answers for your career in archviz

When a new 3D Artist joined my academy or my Facebook group they always ask me the same question as I did back then in 2008, “Sir how to create a Photorealistic rendering” then “Sir can I have your render settings, sir?” or “ what are your computer specs, sir?”. These questions are fine but do not expect people will reply to you.

I used to join lots of forums and if I happened to see a really good photo I directly asked them for their render settings. Trust me people will ignore this, and at the time I joined the biggest Indonesia Arch Viz forum, all I got were only 3 answers. They were:

1. You Have to Learn V-Ray Render Setting

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Learn V-Ray render setting

This might make your render time 3 times slower and the only difference is only the small details of shadows, as a beginner, I of course don’t understand the use of it.

2. You Need to Learn it Online

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Learn it online

Youtube and Google are both great search engines. However, if you actually want to learn make sure to ask the right questions and get the correct answers. Sadly this advice wasted two years of my time making me almost quit.

3. Rendering is a Journey

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Enjoy the journey

This answer was given by one of the seniors of Arch Viz. This was the best advice that helped me on this journey, the advice was so good it gave me enough motivation not to quit. You have to enjoy each and every process. Yes, it might take you a while to get used to it, it comes with practice and more practice. Don’t let laziness get ahead of you, change your mindset to start practicing regardless of how you feel.

This is my experience back in my early days that I wanted to share with you.

As always I wish you the best of luck!

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