TIPS 26: 5 Minutes for The Next 10 Years of your Career in Arch Viz

Here is what the 10 years of your career in ArchViz are going to look like.

When a new 3D Artist joined my academy or my Facebook group they always ask me the same question as I did back then in 2008, “Sir how to create a Photorealistic rendering” then “Sir can I have your render settings, sir?” or “ what are your computer specs, sir?”. These questions are fine but do not expect people will reply to you.

I used to join lots of forums and if I happened to see a really good photo I directly asked them for their render settings. Trust me people will ignore this, and at the time I joined the biggest Indonesia Arch Viz forum, all I got were only 3 answers. They were:

1. You Have to Learn V-Ray Render Setting

This might make your render time 3 times slower and the only difference is only the small details of shadows, as a beginner, I of course don’t understand the use of it.

2. You Need to Learn it Online