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TIPS 25: 3 Things 3D Artists Learn About Interior Rendering Too Late

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In this industry, you can't be lazy or be impatient as I used to be especially shortcuts aren't welcomed.

a man explaining something
You can't be lazy in this industry

Details and attention are important to ensure your quality, while time is important for your rendering. In this article, I want to show you 3 things that you need to learn first in interior rendering.

A writing says small steps are still progress
Enjoy the process

Topic #1: Don’t Skip Any Steps.

Skipping the steps for your production is bad. Putting details, texture, models and realistic shaders are steps. Having a good step-by-step workflow will improve your overall production.

Topic #2: Render Settings

If you think that there are the best render settings with the fastest and the greatest quality, there isn’t. Balancing the render settings is the best way but it comes with a problem. When you use an iridium map make sure you use the high settings so it won’t cause blotching and lower your quality. Interpolate the sample as well is important just use the default setting, V-Ray sky and sun are important for your lighting.

image of fireflies
Most people misunderstood max ray

Topic #3: Fireflies

Most people misunderstood Max Ray. Max Ray is not the cause for fireflies but fireflies come from Video light. You need the correct light material and use a V-Ray light sphere from the main light so that it won’t have fireflies.

And here are the things that most 3D Artists need to know in interior rendering and best of luck.

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