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TIPS 23: How to Build Your Personal Brand as a 3D Artist or a 3D Studio

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I started my career in 2008, and I got my first award from CG architect’s weekly award in 2011.

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Build your professional brand

That award was the spark that I needed to start my career in the international market.

1. CG Architect

CG Architects logo
CG Architect

Why do I deem CG Architect’s weekly award and CG architect as a platform itself is very useful? It’s because a CG architect is a place where talent can meet with a potential customer. By winning the award your name is broadcasted through the newsletter, be on the website’s front page, and etc. A single award could help you a lot in terms of the spotlight you need, connections, and recognition.

2. Social Media

Social media logos
Social media

Keep grinding and being active in social media, to earn recognition social media is a strong platform to do so. If you have a project or lots of images don’t just post it all at once, but post it one by one. Also don’t just post the pictures, they need captions, a good story to hook the viewers in, and hashtags are also an important part of using social media. Youtube could also help as their search engine helps a lot in getting viewers from your target market. (Pro-tip, you can also post on websites such as CG Architect, Ronan Beckerman, Youtube, Behance, LinkedIn, and etc*)

3. Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes is such an underrated part of the job. Some people only care about the end results, but the things that happened behind them are also important. Behind the scenes could very well be a story itself. That is why in movies they also record the behind-the-scenes of making the movie because it’s not always about the results but people also want to know your struggle.

So those are the things that I could share with you on how to build your personal brand!

Good luck!

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