TIPS 22: How to Become a Professional 3D Artist

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

In the early stages of my career back in 2008, I struggled for 2 years trying to figure things out on my own. I was on the edge and almost quitted, but fortunately, I gave myself the last chance to be in this industry.

I started by making relationships with lots of professional 3D Artists, which in return gets me lots of advice from them. I didn’t ask for the techniques, but instead, they taught me that there are no special techniques. Everything is done through a process, a journey to make images.

I found that they have in common with Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why The Golden Circle” that you need to know the reason, the “why” that's keeping you going and fighting in this industry. So the 3 things that I learned from those 3D pros are: 1. Start with a story Why is that? It's because when you have a story you have a goal, the goal is to create the image. Not just any image but an image that could deliver the story, the message behind the image. Doing this you have to understand and consider every part of the story such as the time, the atmosphere, the lighting, etc. (pro tip: find references you can use to help inspire you).