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TIPS 21: How to Get Your First High Ticket Closing for Your Rendering Service?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I got my first ever job with an international client and I got paid for 500 dollars.

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Get your first high ticket closing

At first, I was happy because mostly my friends they got around 200 to 300 dollar at the time. But we have to think about subscriptions, taxes, rent that you need to pay. So I researched how much do people charge them and it is at minimum 5 times higher and at most 10 times higher than what I was offered.

But the problem lies in big companies. What should we do if we want these big companies to give us the minimum wage? By making our own company since it’s more professional and build a strong bond with them.

I’ve come up with 4 tips and it’s not that long.

1. Know the market

Knowing what market you want to target is crucial. What you want to look at is which country they are from so you can know the exchange rates. And don’t forget to give good service.

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Come up with strategies

2. Price point The cost of your service reflects the quality of your image is not what you do. You make it below the average by a bit and you give it a higher quality and this will attract more clients. 3. What are you selling? You have to know what you’re selling. If you treat your product as a commodity your transaction will be like a commodity. But if you selling your service as your product with good results the client will pay a higher price. 4. Building a relationships

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Building a relationship is important

Building a relationship is really important especially in the long run. Having a good relationship with the client will help you from not getting compared with others and they will trust you.

And these are my 4 tips for you to get a high ticket closing. Good luck!!

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