TIPS 20: Here are Five Things Why Most 3D Artist Fail

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Have you realized that the price in architectural visualization is steadily getting lower and lower? Are your clients always asking you to lower the price or you're having problems raising the price of your hard work?

Back in 2011, I got my first award in this industry which was CG Architect’s visualization pro of the week, and this introduced me to international clients. These are two big achievements for me and soon later I got my first project. But as time went on, they wanted more pictures and wanted more discounts, so I had to turn down the offer and this resulted in me losing clients.

This made me really frustrated. Not about losing the client, but it’s how they kept undervaluing us, and if I let them do this it would create a cycle of being underpaid. Then suddenly I received an email from CG Architect, which was The Shadow Society offline meeting and I decided to come.