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TIPS 15: Why I don’t believe in the quote “Good Things Will Come To Those Who Wait”

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This is why I don’t believe that the quote “Good things will come to those who wait” is 100% true.

An accident cause a debt of 100.000 USD
The family factor caught fire and left a debt 100.000 USD

Back in 2004, a fire started in my family’s factory. It burnt everything and even left us in debt for 100.000 USD.

After the fire, we all have to move on from the past. I established my design and built the company. Things didn’t go well since I got no job or projects to do, why you might be asking? It is because at that time I believed in the quote “Good things will come to those who wait”. Well, like what the quote says I waited. This is where things went wrong it’s because even if I waited good things won’t come because people didn’t know me. I did nothing about the market, I didn’t introduce myself to the market.

Scrabble with move more spelling
Moving on

At this point, my eyes were opened and I realize that I interpreted the quote in the wrong way, I took it too literally. Then I realize that this quote is a good quote as long as you interpret it in the right way, effort is always needed the more accurate quote should be “Good things will come to those who put in the effort”. I started taking actions such as introducing myself to the market, doing small exhibitions, and from the exhibitions, I started building relations. Finally, the path is starting to open, it gave me more jobs and projects.

Someone plant something
Good things will come to those who put in an effort

This quote is very much like planting plants. Good things will come to those who WAIT and GIVE effort. A quick example is planting radish, you need to prepare good soil, fertilize them, and regularly water them. After those efforts and preparations that is where the “Good things”

will come. Even while waiting you still need to water them daily, watering is like practicing. In our industry, we need to practice, because practice makes a permanent impact and improvement so that in every project you get better.

That is all I have to share with you, I wish you all fellow artists good luck!

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