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TIPS 14: 5 Quick Tips to Prepare Your 3D Model Ready to Work with V-Ray for SketchUp.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Have you been struggling to get your desired render quality? Back in 2008, I used to struggle as well in terms of quality. But the one to blame is not the engine but us.

The Engine itself only calculates the GI and the lighting as well, it also provides materials and tools. With detailed planning before using V-ray will help you.

Man facing backward pose
God is in the details

So these are 5 tips to prepare your 3D model for V-Ray SketchUp:

1. Thickness Matters for Models

It might seem simple but having to add some millimeters will ensure you that realistic feeling. For example; having to add 0.5 centimeters will give you the correct result when the lighting comes through.

2. Check Your Model If It has A Back Face

The back face is identified as the blue color of your model. This is not for coloring purposes and this can be a problem when you render it. The reflection will be having the same properties as a mirror even with its material have no reflection.

Miniature 3D design
Check for a back-face

3. Details Matters

When it comes to furniture giving details is a must. It may use more RAM but there is no other way. The V-Ray proxy will help you to speed up the viewport and render for these high poly models.

4. Add Round Corners

Giving round corners to every piece of furniture or walls will show a better image and this is how furniture works.

5. Mind The Gap

The gap is needed for the render so we can imitate the real-world aspect. We want to add as much detail to five that super realistic feel.

So these are my 5 Quick Tips to Prepare your 3D Model ready for V-Ray SketchUp and best of luck!

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