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TIPS 13: 3 Quick Tips On Creating Your First Professional 3D Render.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

As a new 3D Artists a great mindset is that map you need to start your journey as an artist in the ArchViz World! with a good map, you could avoid wasting your valuable time being on the wrong path. A mindset is important as it is something you will hold onto in every step you take in life.

man with crossing arm and smiling pose
Start your archviz journey now

Tips #1: Take Your Time

Build a plan, a map before taking your first step. Take advantage of this modern world's facilities, nowadays everything could be found on the internet! Find information and references from the pro artists.

clock collection
Take your time

Most pro artists start by making the story behind the render to give the render meaning.

*Quick example is a web called CG which also has a feature called mood board that allows you to take notes. It is accessible anywhere anytime as long as you have internet and a device with you.*

Tips #2: Enjoy the Process!

Enjoying and trusting the process is an important thing to hold onto as enjoying something tends to create a good atmosphere. A good mood will make you be able to work optimally.

Never skip any steps such as modeling, texturing, material, and etc. Every step has its own purpose, don't forget to add details along the way!

man working on a laptop
Enjoy the process

Tips #3: Practice

This industry is art. To master the art, you need to practice.

Making art is like driving, at first you're all stiff and careful and after driving for a while you'll be comfortable enough to even drive with one hand.

I believe that practice doesn't make perfect. practice makes a permanent impact. I don't believe in perfection as there will always be room to improve and be better on the next project.

Therefore bring your map and enjoy the ArchViz Journey! I wish you all fellow artists good luck!

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