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Tips 10: How to Create Your First Professional 3D Rendering Without Spending 2 years On Your Own!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

What I want to share with you is the missing puzzle piece to making your first professional 3D rendering! What you are about to read will get you on the right path in the ArchViz Industry. This is the mindset of a pro artist to help you start off!

A man with strong hand gesture
Use this mindset if you wanna be a pro

A very common mistake that would put you on the wrong path is skipping the steps. People often think of the key to a good render is to have it set on the highest rendering quality, press a few buttons, and boom comes to a perfect render. Well, this is WRONG. In my case, I almost quitted this industry because this mindset put me on the wrong path and I ended up with no job (as my render at that time was horrible) and hardly any improvements.

In that hiatus, I decided to give it my last chance in this industry and that is when I started figuring out how pro artists make their masterpieces. Then I had the chance to talk with several of them and there are the things that they said that I want to share with you!

Woman working
Start with a story

Always start with a story
No shortcut
  1. The First things first are that they always start with a story, a meaning behind the rendering. After making the story they go to modeling details but also texturing, material, as well as interior furniture.

2. Furthermore, one thing that really differentiates pros and amateurs is that professionals don't skip the process. Amateurs often want a shortcut, that is wrong and needs to be changed in order to succeed in this industry. Always keep in mind that there are NO SHORTCUTS!

Having a good mindset
Have a good mindset

3. Finally what blew my mind was their MINDSET.

A mindset that says failure is part of success. They said that it's fine or sometimes even good when they fail while trying new techniques, it is because it triggers them to find the solution. Finding solutions to these problems gives them more experience and pushes them to learn new things. The Mindset is what makes them so good and even better on every project.

That is what I learn from the professional artists that I was meeting. That is all and I wish you, fellow artist, good luck!

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