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This is How We Create High-Quality Material - The Case of the Adalyne Chair

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Adalyne Chair

Have you ever wondered how a 3D visualization can look so realistic that you cannot tell if it is a real render or a photograph taken with a camera?

The key, ladies and gentlemen, is in the details.

To make an attractive, convincing 3D render, it is all about making each object realistic. It is crucial to choose the right material for your object, however that is not the only consideration. The material, lighting, environment, etc., need to be set correctly in order to achieve the finest result.

Let us show you how we make high-quality 3D objects for our scene renders.

Take an example of this iconic Adalyn Lounge Chair, a mid-century modern accent chair inspired by Danish-modern style furniture. It is made of sturdy kiln-dried oak, topped with polyester blend fabric and filled with a high-density foam and webbing suspension system.

Despite its simple design, this chair is very impressive and stylish. It is characterized by boldly angled arms and legs that give the piece an air of strength and style. In addition, the supportive plush cushion reclines at a perfect angle, offering undoubted comfort when seated.

“We want to make sure that we can deliver the render right, especially when we do it for a specific object that needs a lot of attention to detail.”

We can use a variety of 3D applications and render engines to accomplish this. In this case, we are using SketchUp and Vantage for SketchUp. Some other plugins are also needed to help us throughout the process.

The two main materials we will use in the scene are a sturdy wooden frame and a lavish fabric cushion. Now, take a look at how we make our rendered objects come alive.

The first thing we need to do is pay attention to the real-life object reference. We should ensure that the materials we use for our objects are the same, or at least have the same properties as the ones used in the actual model.

adalyne chair

adalyne chair

Next, you may apply the map as needed; color correction, bump map, reflection map, falloff, normal bump. If necessary, you may add others to the list.

Last but not least, you can play around with the material’s setting as much as you want - until you feel it's right. Play with the texture to get any kind of detail you want, like chipped wood, rustic effect, damp cushion, etc. Certain textures can give a certain ambience to your renders. The chipped wood texture, for instance, gives the impression that the chair has been worn for a long time, is aging, and may have been scratched or knocked over when moved. A deflated, damp cushion indicates that the chair had just been seated. Play around with your imagination and bring your image to life.

To conclude, the details in your renders play a crucial role in making them come to life. The better you understand the object, the more realistic your renders will be.

In recent years, realistic 3D renders have become a very important part for architects, interior designers, property developers, and architectural visualization companies, as they translate very well into illustrating what a project will look like upon completion. In order to meet your needs, 2G Studio offers various professional solutions in terms of 3D rendering. To download our company profile or to schedule a free consultation with us, visit our website here.

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