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TIPS 24: 3 Lessons New 3D Artists Learn in Business Too Late

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In my early career, most of my projects are from CG Architect.

a man explaining about how to make a job as 3d artist
How to make a job as 3D artist

CG Architect is a platform where we artists can meet with our potential customers, this was the only way I knew at that time to get a job. This led me to keep joining the visualization pro of the week.

CG Architect logo
CG Architect

Each time I showcase my work I always get an offer through CG Architect, and it always makes me wonder why I never get any offers from my social media?. Most of my clients are usually those with whom we have already worked together for a long time around 5 years. Turns out all of my potential clients tried to follow me on social media to know me first since most of my potential clients seek a long-term relationship.

This made me realize that there are three lessons that you should learn starting out as a new 3D Artist.

Social media on a phone
Use social media wisely

1. Use Your Social Media Wisely.

Your social media is a strong way of showing your work ethics, principle, or the things that you believe in. Just make sure it is as positive as possible to make it more appealing because they see it as how you do things.

2. Don’t Think of Everyone as a Prey.

There are a lot of potential clients out there but we can’t just simply email them and ask for a job. We have to be genuinely interested in them and build a relationship so that when they have a job they can offer it to you.

3. Make a Job Instead of Finding Them.

Why make a job instead of finding one? By making a job you can have a growing team and showing your skills will give you a lot of opportunities, these potential clients will offer you a job, instead of you asking to be hired. If you don’t have the money to make one then you have to learn about business, and it will lead you to learn about relationships and people.

a man writing on a paper
Make a job

These are the lesson you should learn as a new 3D Artist.

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