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Tips 1: 4 Ways to Get Extra Income in the Archviz Business for a Beginners

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The 3D Visual world in the Architectural field is filled with people from architecture and interior design majors, especially from students and also many fresh graduates from both majors. If we are still in the beginners stage, can we get an additional income from this 3D Visual world?

4 ways to get extra income in the archviz business for beginners

Many of us who like to play games, whatever the game is, when we started to play, it's always hard because we have to try to learn how to play the game. And as we began to understand it and the higher our levels are, we will be more addicted to playing it; we even try to get a cheat code or hidden tricks. From all of the gamers, there must be a gamers whose only a player, and there are some whose trying to get additional income.

Mobile legends logo

Take for example, the Mobile Legend game, for those who like to play this game, will surely understand what is most desired by the Mobile Legend players. For those who can see the opportunity will definitely think to sell the Mobile Legend account to get additional income. And if it works, will continue to play and sell new accounts again.

For those who work in the field of architecture or interior design, we all will need 3D visual to communicate our designs to our clients; thus many of us begin to learn 3D visuals in this architectural field. Like paling a game, in the beginning, it will be tough to learn the basic techniques, once you get used to it, we'll enjoy it more and become addicted, we even can laugh uncontrollably if you get the magic trick.

Well, can we also get additional income in the 3D architectural world? The answer is of course YOU CAN! If you think "ah I'm just a beginner, how can I, they who already can get a high income in this 3D world are all already great". My answer is, as long as there is a will, there is a way. Everyone who is professional, initially also a beginner.

dollar money

This time, I will inform you how to get additional income from 3D Architectural Visualization industry for beginners. Some of these ways are:

1. Offering rendering or even our modelling services for students.

You can offer rendering/modelling services to architecture or interior design students in semester 5 and above where they start needing 3D for their assignments presentations. You can advertise on the vacancies board in Administration office, you can spread flyers off-campus, as long as you can get 1-2 jobs, as long as the results are excellent and finish fast, it will definitely spread very quickly among students and this can be a good start to get additional income.

2. Join a community in the Facebook Group.

Facebook groups that can be used as a place to look for communities, not only limited to the 3D community but can also be in the architectural community or interior design community. Of course we don't just stay in the group, because if you don't say anything, no one will know you even though you have joined many communities. Frequently upload work in the group and interact with many other group members so that you are increasingly recognised.

3. Join the 3D model websites.

For those of us who like modelling, we can join the 3D model website and sell our models like shops, where if someone buys, we will get a portion of profits from the sale. The benefit may look very small but many people can buy it, especially if the model we are making is a model that is being sought and have good quality. We can create 3D models of ornamental plants, dining equipment, family room accessories, trees, cooking utensils, candles, and so on.

The 3D Model Websites are:

3d modeling

Image credit : Sinung Wahyono

4. Join the photostock website.

We can also join a website that sells photostocks, such as In this website, we can sell our work as a photostock. Shutterstock itself is a website that sells stock photos and short videos (footage) needed to create websites, brochures, footage in promotional videos. And this is a solution for those who don't have a big budget to rent models or photographers. Also the price is very friendly, or you can say cheap. Of course, for those of us who have cameras, we can take photos of the sky, accessories, lifestyles photos that we can upload, and we will get some of the benefits when there are buyers. If we don't have a camera, we can make artwork, floor motif, and even make a rendering that resembles a photo and we upload it there. This is one of the solutions for those who can bring in passive income.

website photoshock

Image credit : Sinung Wahyono

Now we know more or less about how we can start earning income from the 3D world for beginners. And in the next blog, we will review what should we prepare to be able to start earning income in the places mentioned above.

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