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3 Major Problems Every 3D Artists Face!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

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I started in the ArchViz industry way back in 2008. In the 15 years of being in the industry, I've learnt that you are likely to face three major problems:

How can you duplicate yourself? Scaling up as a 3D artist often requires finding other artists with qualities up to your standards to join your team. However, finding available artists who meet your standards can be challenging, as they may already be employed or come at a high cost. One approach is to hire junior or mid-level artists and train them in rendering based on your expertise. The question then arises: Do you have the time to teach them the fundamentals of rendering? Teaching even one artist can be a significant amount of work. What happens if you have three new artists joining your company?

How can you ensure the work efficiency

How can you ensure they work efficiently? Rendering is at its best when you have time to focus on lighting and fine-tuning materials. However, in reality, much time is often wasted on scene preparation. To improve efficiency, it is crucial to have your artists work with layers, proxies, and fewer bitmaps to save RAM and avoid lengthy auto-save files and crashes. While you may already have a workflow in place, finding time to teach your team while handling ongoing expenses and sales responsibilities can be challenging.

How can you find the best 3D artists? When hiring or collaborating with other 3D artists, finding individuals who share your vision, mission, and fundamentals is ideal. While numerous 3D communities exist, finding artists who align with your core values can be difficult.

To address these challenges, we have developed a program called "14 Day Interior Render" that aims to assist every 3D artist in gaining a deep understanding of fundamentals, the thinking process behind each production step, and building a community.

How will our course address these challenges:

  • Access to over 200+ training videos

  • Daily Practices, turn theory to REAL SKILLSin hours, not days

  • Support system, access to an exclusive group that provides assistance

Basically, everything needed to MASTER interior render in 14 days!

This program will significantly alleviate your workload. When you hire a 3D artist, you can simply request them to complete this program. In just 14 days, they will acquire all the necessary fundamentals, allowing you to focus on teaching them your specific rendering techniques.

To learn more about our program, click the here.

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