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We've been 12 years in this Architectural Visualization Industry and during our journey, We've seen lots of artist struggled to earn their fortune in this Industry, and We decided to share our knowledge because We love to inspire people to improve their skill and financial life through 3D rendering.

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Any kind of business start with the right mindset. The right mindset will make your dream come true.



Learn the right technical from the right place and use the right workflow and don't waste time

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Build a business need to know how to do business and the right mentality


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Bayu Yudistiro

He is considered as one of the wonder boy in Indonesian Archviz Industry, joined 2G Studio on 2013. His sense of art and love of 3D visual bring 2G studio to a whole different level


Evan Mandala

Man behind the success of 2G studio, very diligent and always make everything in order. He love traveling and Photography


Reinaldo Handaya

He founded the 2G Studio together with Evan Mandala on 2011. He love 3D and marketing. A very ambitious person yet full of vision.


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We are a bunch of people who love to inspire other to reach their dream in Architectural Visualization Industry


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Experienced and talented tutors will always help you to get through the process.

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Supportive community among the members will help you grow faster.

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Do it on your own time and pace. The curriculum is very flexible and friendly.

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Justin Bourn


Blank Canvas Studio, Perth

This course took my work to another level, this allowed me to get direct clients here in Australia, quit my job and then start a studio. This then turned into a 10+ person studio with 2 offices across Australia within a few years. I think anyone who does this course, your work will improve a lot and will give you lots of opportunities. Of course, you have to be responsible and take the required action yourself. But I'm very grateful for that knowledge that was shared and hope more people can benefit from it. I also got some life long friends and mentors. The return on investment for me, was priceless.