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Project E30

The 'Project E30' is a system that will help you discover how to do rendering from scratch, even though you are not familiar with 3DSMAX and Corona Renderer without spending years of your time to find random clue on internet.

Archviz Industry changes many lives.

As we all know that property is one of the best businesses in the world, lots of real estate developers try to build houses, apartments, condominiums, etc and this happens around the world.

All of the real estate developers need marketing content and that makes the Archviz industry is a lucrative niche. Just like any other business, when there are demands, there will be a supply. And lots of people trying their best to grab the opportunity by providing a rendering service. 

Many Architects and Interior designers use rendering as their tools and they also can earn decent money by doing rendering and I mean worldwide not just in certain countries especially nowadays everything is connected by the internet which allows you to provide your service to any other countries.

Year after year we can see more and more people try to learn 3D to earn money from this industry and there is a thing that makes everyone can share and learn for free.

Keep reading.

What was this thing?

This thing called Youtube.

We all agree, Youtube is the fastest way to find video tutorials, it gives us the freedom to find the tutorial we need. The fact that youtube is a search engine, it means that every time people try to find something they will start looking on youtube.

There's just one problem with these free videos tutorial on youtube though...,


The fact that it is a search engine and allows us to share video tutorials and drive them to buy our service and we also can earn money by monetizing our content makes lots of people abused the facility including the one that only wants to get money from it by monetizing their content.

And I'll bet you've even probably seen a worthless tutorial that was just trying to monetize their channel, right?

Now, I'm not saying that all videos on youtube are bad or that all videos don't work.

Some definitely do.

Mine work really well, you may even have found me from watching my video tutorial on youtube.

However, I'll expose the truth that many of the 'gurus' out there do NOT want you to know about youtube.

You'll notice there are tons of videos about HDRI and V-Ray and it holds true almost 100% of the time.

Here it is: most of the videos created based on popular keywords so they can get more exposure and do personal branding as the authority on rendering.

Makes sense, right?

If only we can just get the free step by step complete tutorial including the consideration for each step and snap our fingers and have a beautiful rendering every time...

Wouldn't that be nice?

Unfortunately, the reality is this...

... if you've been struggling to get the step by step and complete tutorial

or constantly fighting the software instead of working on your creativity

or constantly struggling to get the right lighting

or constantly struggling to get the realistic material

or having a hard time with the custom vegetation

or unable to organize your files and scene and slow your productivity

or already learn for 1-2 years but still don't get any significant improvement

or feel that you've been mislead

or any combination of the above're in the right place.

Maybe you haven't done a single rendering, yet?

or you've done dozens and want to bring your rendering to the next level.

It doesn't matter where you are, this message is for you.

Whether you just getting started or you have done dozens of rendering

You NEED to read every single word on this page.

Online Course is the ONLY form of education that you do NOT need to be there in person. 

Best of All, you don't have to spend lots of money to pay for accommodation and tickets depend on where you at and where is the school, it can easily cost me $5000 from Bali to the US only on the airplane tickets return. Accommodation alone can cost me $2000 - 3000

plus you don't need to mess up with your working schedule and can do it anytime.

And yes as long as you can commit several hours a day in 30 days,

I know that sounds crazy...but...let me explain...

From the desk of speaker, author, and International Award Winning Studio:

Reinaldo Handaya

It's Reinaldo.

Over the past few years, I've had the privilege to speak in 4 countries all over the world.

I've personally hosted more than 100 live webinars which have help lots of 3D Artist to discover how to do 3D rendering and shape their business mindset.

I've spoken on the Archviz's largest event such as Siggraph Asia, Chaos Group V-Ray Community Meeting Asia Pacific, and some of the popular universities in Indonesia.

But, it wasn't always that way.

For a long time, I really struggled.

The date is November 3, 2004.

it was 2 PM...

My father's spring bed factory was on fire.


Everything is gone less than 30 minutes, no insurance, and left us with a $100,000 loan. (in Indonesia, that is very big money mostly when you just lost everything).

I'm hesitant to share this with you, but I decided to share this to show you how this Archviz Industry changes my life.

4 years later, this was my work

As you can tell, my work didn't look like an award-winning image.

That time I was doing rendering only to communicate my design to my clients (after the fire, I created my own design and build company.)

The reason I show you that image is that I discovered something at that moment.

Something that changed my life forever, and is going to change yours, as well.

I'm talking about Architectural Visualization.

I knew this visualization will help us to communicate our idea to our potential clients and can help real estate developers to sell their units even before they build the building. I believe when  I can offer my service and deliver high-quality visualization, I can change my life. (especially it is a digital product, I don't have to deal with raw material, so I don't have to worry if we make mistakes.)

I discovered how to create high-quality visualization that enabling me to help the architect, interior designer, and real estate developers to communicate their idea... AND allowed me to serve them at the highest level possible.

It has been the ONLY thing that's been consistently providing me the lifestyle I've always wanted... and given me the financial stability and help me to pay the $100,000 loan less than a year.

This all sounds great, but you're Reinaldo, of course, you can pull this off.

That's probably running through your mind right now, isn't it ?

I get it.

When people think about learning through online course they think one of 3 things :

  1. I am completely new, will I get the step by step from scratch to finish?

  2. I am very busy, can I do it on my own time?

  3. Is this course will have beginner, intermediate and advanced level ?

I admit its true rendering can be very frustrating especially when you are just getting started and with a busy schedule and you have to take 3 different levels. Some courses only offer beginner level, while some only offer intermediate and advanced levels. I felt the same way. until I discovered a method so everyone can do professional rendering even though they are very new in rendering.

Pretty straightforward, isn't it ?

Look at my transformation.

award_born neob.png

more than a decade ago, I was a total novice, have no clue how to do the professional rendering.

A decade later, I got many awards and featured articles internationally.

I'm telling you this not to inflate my ego, but because I want all this for YOU, and you don't have spend a decade like me to discover how to do professional rendering.


That'd be amazing, wouldn't it ? 

Now that I've successfully produced award-winning images (not all of them were successful), I've come away with a few lessons from:

  • Spending literally more than 10,000 of dollars of my own money to learn from any online courses

  • Learning MANY hard lessons along the way

  • Summing all more than a decade experience and creating a system to discover how to do professional rendering without wasting time to find a clue in internet

  • Rightfully charging $10,000+ to show others how to do professional rendering and allow them to earn money, which is actually worth much more

... plus, it's NOT hard.

It simply comes down to these 3 steps (which I'm going to show you, in detail):

Step 1
Scene Preparation

Step 2

Step 3
Post Production

Yep, it's that simple.

Keep reading because before the end of this page I'm going to walk you through all 3 steps so you can see EVERYTHING you need to get started and discover every step to make a professional rendering...

...even if you've never created an image before, or don't think you can do a rendering.

While I know learning rendering for the first time can seem intimidating, especially if you've never done it before, what if you did your first rendering and can communicate your idea way much easier?

Let's face it.

You already know the value of rendering, I don't need to sit here and try to persuade you on that.

People who communicate their idea through 3D rendering always have a better quality discussion on the design part.

Ever had that experience using 2D drawing?

Of course not, you can't serve the client the same way you use 3D rendering. I was using 2D drawing to communicate my idea back then and I spent more time explaining the client about the drawing itself, and the client has different imaginations about the design.

Using 3D rendering, you're able to serve them at the highest level... they will able to understand your design just the way you design it.

And if you are a 3D Artist, you know that rendering can earn great amount of money by helping your client to visualize their idea and help your client by providing the marketing content.

... imagine your potential client call you and say that you the one they been looking for...

... imagine that your client love your design and said that your presentation is blown their mind away...

... imagine your client call you and tell you their marketing campaign is working really well and got lots of leads...

That is exactly what it's like to deliver the professional rendering image.

Now, it's your turn.

You absolutely CAN do this, I promise you.

You do NOT have to have experience doing rendering,

You can start to communicate your idea through professional rendering next month IF you do it the right way.


How would making $$$ through your visualization change your life?

What if I tell you, you can earn an extra $10,000 every month by offering your visualization services?

if you think $10,000 is too good to be true,

How about an extra $5,000 every month?


I know what you're reading is really hitting home because some of my students sat the same exact spot that you're in.

It wasn't long ago that I was a poor kid trying to figure all this out.

Chasing endless opportunities that just don't pan out.

Searching for the answer I'd been waiting for.

... and this is it.

Don't stop reading.

By now, you can probably see why I charge folks $10,000+ to help them to do 3D Visualisation for their business (which is still a STEAL considering just how much revenue Visualization done the right way bring in, over time).

What other methods can you make a CONSERVATIVE $5,000 extra every month?

...let me ask you a quick question.

How would you like me to show you Everything you need to do Professional Rendering in your business, plus give you All the tools you need (already done)... without paying me $10,000 to walk you through everything?

You're in luck!

I did a private, invite-only course that covered this EXACT 3 step system to a tiny group and I've never exposed this to the public and will NEVER be repeated again...

Until I started hearing the feedback from those in the small group...

And so, here it is.

I call my system the Project 30

Project 30 is the key when it comes to work on 3D Visualization.


I never intended on selling this to the masses (let’s face it, a secret isn’t a secret anymore if everybody knows about it)… because it would potentially harm the value of my private service and the effectiveness of my own business. 


The feedback was so overwhelming, I had to open this up to a few more people.

This will NEVER be available to the general public (as you can tell, you’re reading this because you came into my world through another product of mine), but, putting it nicely, I was compelled by these amazing people to allow my BEST students a chance at getting this system in their hands…withOUT paying my crazy fees for it. 

If it wasn’t for the attendees inside the small group grabbing me and demanding me to share this with more people, I would never have taken the time to write this or make you this offer…

That should speak volumes about them and their character, by the way. 

When most people find something that’s truly amazing, they keep it all to themselves…not this group. 

Here’s the deal I’m going to make you.

I do NOT want Project 30 to become the next conventional system how to learn 3D rendering.


I make my living off of this business.. 

Whether my own or my high-level clients. 

If my system gets out to the masses, the value of what I do goes right to the toilet…and my business is, essentially, tanked overnight. 

The reason you were invited to this page was because I hand-selected you and am trusting you to keep this our secret, okay? 

So, in order for you to get your hands on this system. I need you to make me a deal.

  1. You promise to absolutely NOT share this system outside of your own business.

  2. You promise to absolutely NOT share with anybody the fact that you got your hands on my system for the price you're getting it for

  3. You promise to use it and become my absolute BEST case study

I’m putting my faith in you to do the right thing and take those above points serious, cool? In turn, I’ll get you my ENTIRE system, Event Codex, for an absolutely insane deal. But, I’m not going to keep this open forever. 

Ready for this?

You’ll discover my EXACT blueprint…including action plans, worksheets, to do lists, marketing and monetization strategies, and all the fill-in-the-blanks assets you’ll need to fill up your event, monetize it, and create absolutely raving fans.  

If you tried to figure this all out on your own, it’d take you years and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get close.

When you invest in Project 30, here's what you will be getting:

1 Scene Preparation

This is the very first step that you need to start working on 3D visualization. It's all about scene preparation.

You will discover how to model building in 3DSMAX in the cleanest, flexible, fastest and the most precise way every time without worrying having a problem on your next phase (texturing can be a big problem when you wrongly do the modeling and also can give big problem on lighting stage)

the simplest and most clear technique to do texturing and creating your own seamless texture

You will discover how to create shaders with a very clear understanding of how the material in real-world works

How to do a detailed environment in the most efficient way

Distribute the vegetation using Corona Scatter

Optimise the scene before we go to the next step

2 Visualization

In this second step you will discover everything about visualization stage.

You will discover how to frame your image from the eye of a professional photographer through photography method

Light your scene based on time of day using daylight system and corona sky and sun, and how to use HDRI

How to set the light mix to adjust the lighting after you do the rendering

Prepare your render setting, render element and everything you need for your high resolution rendering for the post production step.

3 Post Production

In this third or the final step you will discover how to bring your rendering to the next level.

You will discover how we usually do the post-production

You will discover how to do cinematic post-production

You're getting ALL that...because the amazing human beings in that small group urged me to give it to you for ONE low price.

I know, you're DYING to know how much, right ?

Well, I’m not done.

Because you’re one of my loyal customers (by the way, if you’re not a customer of mine please close this page as this is only intended for my best customers, please)…

…I’m holding absolutely NOTHING back. 

That means you’re getting EVERYTHING those who paid $10,000 for me to walk them through this got, so again PLEASE do not share that I gave you this…

If you order RIGHT NOW

(meaning you do NOT close this page, go ask your partner, or wait and think about it), I'm going to also throw in these PRIVATE bonuses:

Bonus #1! 20 HDRI that i created myself

(Worth $600, included FREE)

...that you can easily use these HDRIs to light your scene and create your own unique lighting and create your own unique style

Bonus #2! 3D Plants

(Worth $600, included FREE)

...this 3D Plants is created by my team for our own inhouse project and lots of rare and detailed plants that you will NEVER get it on the market.

Bonus #3! 2D Cut out people

(Worth $600, included FREE)

You are getting my very own 2D cut out people that we got it when we travel around the world and use it on our own inhouse project.

Total value for private access to the project 30 : $15,000

As I said the ONLY others that got their hands on this paid $10,000 for me to walk them through this, and there are only a handful of folks that’ve gotten ALL this information and ALL the tools you need. 

BUT...I'm going to let you have a private deal (which is outrageous considering how much the value of the bonuses itself).

Up until this point, the only way to get access to this information was to pay $10,000 AND get a private invite from me.

I'm going to let you have the ENTIRE system, easily worth the $15,000, for just ONE payment of ONLY $1,000!!!

Holy CRAP, right??!! (I know, I agree this is insane and you probably believe me now that I really did privately invite you to grab this)

Take a second to really think about this...

How much is rendering business can bring you extra income per year ?




well those number actually very small...

If ALL this did was help you get your first rendering job that you ever dream of... would it be worth $1,000? Absolutely. 


If ALL this did was helping you to seamlessly communicate your idea and focus on your design… would it be worth $1,000?

if ALL this did was save 2 years of your learning curve... would it be worth $1,000?

Your Rendering learning process will run as smooth as a whistle, just follow Project 30 

Yep, you're paying just $1,000 for the same exact stuff that others paid no less than $10,000 for. In other words, you basically get an extra $10,000 worth of stuff...for FREE once you get inside. Insane and epic? yep. Please click below ASAP to reserve your spot.

I'll send over your private access as soon as you take care of the $1,000 here:

Again, you're getting:

Unlimited, unrestricted & immediate access to the ENTIRE Project 30 ($10,000 value), including:

1) Scene preparation

2) Visualization

3) Post-production

ALL the bonuses that I've never released before and that you can ONLY get here, right now ($1,800 Value).

BONUS #1! My handcrafted 20 HDRI


BONUS #3! Cutout people

Total Value = $11,800

You Pay = Only $1,000

Please order ASAP to reserve your spot. You're going to thank me later, you have my word.

For the sceptics, I'm literally making this IMPOSSIBLE to say no :)

I'm going to GUARANTEE IT!!!

Try the ENTIRE THING for 30 FULL days, risk free! Join Project 30 and participate in the community, go through all the materials in the program, submit your tasks, AND jump on the 'success call' at the end... After completing all of those, if you feel like you aren't on track to do your own professional rendering, I'll send you all your money back. Just make sure you gave your best efforts (by completing the tasks) to qualify, there's ZERO risk to you!

Think about this for a second...

What's the absolute BEST case scenario?

Everything I've told you is true, you launch your own live events and make a killing, and send me thank you cards for the rest of your life.

Worst-case scenario?

You try this out, complete all the task, for some reason it doesn't work, ask for refund AND I send back your money.

Not bad, right ?

Just to be clear, you do NOT need to have experience doing rendering for Project 30 to work for you

You’ve got two options, at this point. 

You can keep operating your business as it is, which is the fastest way to stay stagnant and NOT grow…

Or, you can start leveraging the intense power of professional rendering, done the RIGHT way in your business, following my own proven system I personally use and built for you in project 30. 

I know as well as you do you’re not satisfied with where you are. 

You’ve been looking for this for a long, long time, and now it’s here. 

The only problem? 

I don't know how long I'm going to be offering this.

This isn’t one of those, “let’s make as much money as possible” things for me.

If it was, I wouldn’t charge a measly $2k for this.

I literally already sold it for $10,000 a head. 

So, please don’t wait around and think this will be here in a week or a month. 

Heck, by this time next month you could working on your professional render.

Or, you can close this page and think you can figure all this out on your own and be no closer to your goals this time next month. 

In fact, the absolute WORST thing you could possibly do is leave this page and go back to doing things on your own.

…if we can be honest for a second, that hasn’t worked out too terribly well, has it? 

Why not invest in a proven system that’s literally made for you? 

This isn’t another shiny object that works today and will be obsolete next week. 

Live events are coming back, and a select few are profiting on them like CRAZY. 

You need to jump in on this before it’s too late. 

Remember, you’re here for a reason. 

You've spent a LOT of $$ on coaches, courses, training, or everything in between, right?? 

So have I.

I'd also bet that you've gotten MORE value from my other stuff than most of the folks you paid, true?? Imagine what'll happen once you actually invest in my ENTIRE system.

Don't let me down, can't wait to see you inside!

Your Friend,

Reinaldo "Please Don't Tell People You Got This Here" Handaya

P.P.P.P.S. Ready? See you inside!