The Dolls House


Professional Exterior Rendering

Batch 1 :

15 August 2020 - 14 September 2020

Challenge Yourself

Increase your skills with the right program.

Learning by watching tutorials is the most frequently done because they explain all kinds of techniques to master a program. But does it end there? Is it only by watching tutorials that you can immediately create a good rendering? Surely it is not enough.

The fastest learning method is to get a mentor or find someone who can teach you and guide you during the course. Here you no longer need to waste time looking for tons of tutorials on YouTube. You will immediately be directed step by step so that you can focus on learning without wasting time searching for the right tutorial.

We created a 30 Days Challenge program to create your first Professional Exterior Rendering to help you learn more efficiently and start producing a good portfolio.

This program is a step by step training from the earliest step you need to create a 3D image to the final touch step. And we from 2G Academy will guide you throughout this online course.

The Dolls House

Our Goals Creating The 30 Day Challenge

1. To force you to take spare time and make commitments to spend several hours each day.

2. Human habits are formed after doing the same thing continuously for 30 days. This 30-day commitment will automatically make you discipline to manage time, which will make your life more organized.

3. And as a bonus, the quality of your menu will improve dramatically, and the way it works will be very structured.

Architecture Student or Fresh Graduate and Interior Designer

3D Artists




Really want to learn 3D from ZERO

Want to change your life through this ArchViz industry

Want to make a commitment to take a spare time 2-3 hours a day for 30 days


High Commitment

High Determination

Strong Mentality

What you will get:





Directional training step by step without fear being incorrect.

Intensive tutoring during the 30-day study program.

Training from scratch, from the modeling to the final post-production step.

Learn How to use 3DSMAX, Corona Render & Photoshop.



Software Requirements

Corona Renderer

Adobe Photoshop

3DS Max

Adobe After Effects

Magic Bullet Looks

The Contents of 30 Days Challenge

A glimpse of training material


  • Goal, Fear & Believe

  • Resources

  • Finding Time


  • Styling

  • Advance Camera Composition

  • Corona Light & IES

  • Finding the references

Having Fun With 3DsMax

  • 3DsMax User Interface

  • Unit System Setup & References

  • Import Files & Modeling 3DsMax

  • Detailing & Layering

Custom Model

  • Modelling the stone using manual method + modifier Displace

  • Modelling the stone using Rock Generator plugins

  • Rock arranging techniques

  • The base material of the stone using Triplanar 

  • Add the stone material with the moss using corona layered material

Adjusting the Plants (Only for GFX and Ext Bundle)

  • Understanding the plant anatomy (branching patterns, leaf shapes, etc.)

  • Creating a simple tree branching patterns single stem and multistem

  • Creating a branching tree pattern of leewnberg (frangipani)

  • Creating vines

  • Creating a hanging plant (lee kuan yu)

  • Set a UVW map dan basic material of the plants

  • The Wind simulation


  • Glass material

  • Ground material

  • Wallpaint material using composite techniques

  • Wood material using Corona Multimap

  • Concrete polish material

  • Metal material

  • Leaves, Corona light material shaders

Planting dan ACC

  • Optimizing model, proxy, material dari planting & ACC

  • Using a XREF file

  • Scattering bushes using Corona Scatter

Lighting & Postproduction

  • Using daylight system Method, setting points of the compass

  • Set location dan time zone based on real condition

  • Morning + Post

  • Daylight + Post

  • Evening + Post

  • Dusk + Post

Post - Training

  • Cinematic Post

  • High Resolution Rendering

"I'M IN,

How much is the investment?"

So here's the way

The investment of The "30 Days Challenge" is $679
This includes an e-book, the materials, plus our team that will help you during the course of this challenge.

And with these investments you will get all of these:


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"Will I be guided at each step during practice? Because I'm afraid that guidance is only a promise."

"But is there a guarantee that I can do it?"

I understand your worries because many similar products only teach theory without practice.

Therefore, I created this online course always to practice what we have taught, step by step, and get immediate results.

My commitment is to prepare the best material for you, so you can decide to commit and go through the process or not.

To get the best results of the collaboration, of course, we need to


01. Online Review

 "Why and What is Tribe Exclusive?"

What is one similarity that successful corporation or brands like Apple, McD, Nike, Adidas?

Yes! They all have a TRIBE.

Tribe or referred to "community", is a group of people who are connected to one another, have a leader and moving forward to achieve a goal.


I understand the matters, I used to question the same thing when I took an Online Course abroad because there are many online courses out there that have no follow-up after learning.

In this online course, the 2G Studio team and I will guide all participants in 2 ways.

02. Tribe Exclusive

"I'm new in this 3D Architectural Visualization, and I just found out about 2G Studio, can you tell me why I have to choose an Online Course from 2G Studio?"

Our achievements from Overseas:

We are a Creative Agency specializing in Architectural Visualization.


We started working in the Architectural Visualization industry in 2008, formed a 2G Studio company in 2011, and started to create a 2G Academy educational platform in 2012. Almost of all 2G Studio clients come from abroad with international standards, both the results and managerial systems. 2G Studio also received a lot of recognition and awards from global forums and institutions.

  1. Bedroom - CG Architect Visualization pro of the week

  2. House La Invernada - CG Architect Visualization pro of the week

  3. Starbucks by Kengo Kuma - Ronen Bekerman Best Visualization of the week

  4. Bergman wentorf house - Featured in 3D Magazine

  5. The making of Bergman wentorf interior - CG Architect featured article

  6. The making of Starbucks by Kengo Kuma - Ronen Bekerman featured article

  7. The making of Bergman wentorf house - CG Record featured article

  8. The making of House La Invernada - CG Architect featured article

  9. Guest Speaker Chaos Group meeting - Malaysia - 2012

  10. Guest Speaker Chaos Group meeting - Indonesia - 2012

  11. Guest Speaker Chaos Group meeting - Philipina - 2012

  12. Guest Speaker Chaos Group meeting - Singapore - 2013

  13. Guest Speaker Chaos Group at Siggraph - Hongkong - 2013

  14. CG Award Judge - 2014 - CG Architect CG Award

  15. VRay Certified Professional


Friends & Students

Jeff Mottle


CG Architect, Canada

2G Studio is an exceptional visualization and marketing company run by industry veterans Reinaldo and  Evan.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them both grow their company from the very start and have always been impressed with the quality of their work, their business acumen and their ability to understand the visualization industry.


What we teach is the smartest way, all based on the knowledge we have gained while working on real projects for 10 years working with overseas clients and with International standards. There are many ways and processes of trial and error that we have gone through so far that makes 2G Studio has a high workflow and efficiency.




We 2G Academy can guarantee your satisfaction 100%. After 30 days if you aren't satisfied, we assume we have failed to guide you, and we will return all your money immediately after you send a message to +62-856-4242-9530 along with your name and account number. And all kinds of stuff that you have received, you don't need to be returned. So you are 100% risk-free.

or you can ask through Whatsapp by clicking the button below

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"Dolls House 30 Days Challenge"

Create Your First Professional Exterior Rendering

If the cost of less than $700 is too expensive for you, try to recalculate the costs that you have incurred:

  • Netflix: $16/month ($192/year)

  • Hangout every weekend: $20/week ($1,040/year)


It's better to spend your money on learning for the future, right? 

There is a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our guidance. The prize you still take home, and your risk is ZERO.

"See You in the Exclusive Group"

Dolls House | 30 Days Challenge