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30 Days Challenge


BREAKING: Is 3D Rendering Dead For You?

The '30 Days Challenge' is a system that will help you discover how to do rendering from scratch, even though you are not familiar with 3DSMAX and Corona Renderer without spending years of your time to find random clue on internet.

Lots of 3D artists around the world can earn decent money and some can build a team and establish their own company and making lots of money in this Archviz Industry.

Archviz Industry changes many lives.

As we all know that property is one of the best businesses in the world, lots of real estate developers try to build houses, apartments, condominiums, etc and this happens around the world.

All of the real estate developers need marketing content and that makes the Archviz industry is a lucrative niche. Just like any other business, when there are demands, there will be a supply. And lots of people trying their best to grab the opportunity by providing a rendering service. 

Many Architects and Interior designers use rendering as their tools and somehow they also can earn decent money by doing rendering and I mean worldwide not just in certain countries especially nowadays everything is connected by the internet which allows you to provide your service to any other countries.

Year after year we can see more and more people try to learn 3D to earn money from this industry and there is a thing that makes everyone can share their knowledge for free.

and it has NOTHING to do with the saturation of this industry.

Keep reading.

What was this thing?

This thing called Youtube.

We all agree, Youtube is the fastest way to find video tutorials, it gives us the freedom to find the tutorial we need. The fact that youtube is a search engine, it means that every time people try to find something they will start looking on youtube.

There's just one problem with these free videos tutorial on youtube though...,


The fact that it is a search engine and allows us to share video tutorials and drive them to buy our service and we also can earn money by monetizing our content makes lots of people abused the facility including the one that only wants to get money from it by monetizing their content.

And I'll bet you've even probably seen a worthless tutorial that was just trying to monetize their channel, right?

Now, I'm not saying that all videos on youtube are bad or that all videos don't work.

Some definitely do.

Mine work really well, you may even have found me from watching my video tutorial on youtube.

However, I'll expose the truth that many of the 'gurus' out there do NOT want you to know about youtube.

You'll notice there are tons of videos about HDRI and V-Ray and it holds true almost 100% of the time.

Here it is: most of the videos created based on popular keywords so they can get more exposure and do personal branding as the authority on rendering.

Makes sense, right?

If only we can just get the free step by step complete tutorial including the consideration for each step and snap our fingers and have a beautiful rendering every time...

Wouldn't that be nice?

Unfortunately, the reality is this...

... if you've been struggling to get the step by step and complete tutorial

or constantly fighting the software instead of working on your creativity

or constantly struggling to get the right lighting

or constantly struggling to get the realistic material

or having a hard time with the custom vegetation

or unable to organize your files and scene and slow your productivity

or already learn for 1-2 years but still don't get any significant improvement

or feel that you've been mislead

or any combination of the above're in the right place.

Maybe you haven't done a single rendering, yet?

or you've done dozens and want to bring your rendering to the next level.

It doesn't matter where you are, this message is for you.

Whether you just getting started or you have done dozens of rendering

You NEED to read every single word on this page.

Online Course is the ONLY form of education that you do NOT need to be there in person. 

Best of All, you don't have to spend lots of money to pay for accommodation and tickets depend on where you at and where is the school, it can easily cost me $5000 from Bali to the US only on the airplane tickets return. Accommodation alone can cost me $2000 - 3000

plus you don't need to mess up with your working schedule and can do it anytime.

And yes as long as you can commit several hours a day in 30 days,

I know that sounds crazy...but...let me explain...

From the desk of speaker, author, and International Award Winning Studio:

Reinaldo Handaya

It's Reinaldo.

Over the past few years, My team and I got awards from the world most acknowledged site in this industry. And most of our articles got featured.

award_born neob.png

But, it wasn't always that way.

For a long time, I really struggled.

The date is November 3, 2004. at 2 PM.

My father's spring bed factory was on fire.


Everything is gone less than 30 minutes, no insurance, and left us with a $100,000 loan. (in Indonesia, that is very big money mostly when you just lost everything)

I'm hesitant to share this with you, but it wasn't until recently that I figured things out and really gained a lot of my fame

12 years ago, this was my work

As you can tell, my work didn't look like an award-winning image.

That time I was doing rendering only to communicate my design to my clients (after the fire, I created my own design and build company.)

The reason I show you that image is that I discovered something at that moment.

Something that changed my life forever, and is going to change yours, as well.


I knew this visualization will help us to communicate our idea to our potential clients and can help real estate developers to sell their units even before they build the building. I believe when  I can offer my service and deliver high-quality visualization, I can change my life. (especially it is a digital product, I don't have to deal with raw material, so I don't have to worry if we make mistakes.)

I discovered how to create high-quality visualization that enabling me to help the architect, interior designer, and real estate developers to communicate their idea... AND allowed me to serve them at the highest level possible.

I'm talking about Architectural Visualization.

It's Reinaldo.

Over the past few years, I've had the privilege to speak in 4 countries all over the world.

I've personally hosted more than 100 live webinars which have help lots of 3D Artist to discover how to do 3D rendering and shape their business mindset.

I've spoken on the Archviz largest event such as Siggraph Asia, Chaos Group V-Ray Community Meeting Asia Pacific, and some of the popular university in Indonesia.